About CBSSports.com College Network

CBSSports.com College Network is the central resource for college sports and the category leader in the delivery of integrated multimedia solutions and internet services for University Athletic Departments, Conferences and Associations. With approximately 175 Official Athletic Sites in our network, CBSSports.com College Network focuses on content, functionality and intelligence to ensure the primary online point of entry for our partner's alumni and prospective students is state of the art in terms of technology, design and revenue-generating opportunities.

Our proprietary, cutting edge site tools create unique and individualized opportunities for live video and audio streaming, content management, editorial support, custom site look and feel, special commemorative event and achievement micro-sites, advanced statistical application, wireless content delivery, fundraising opportunities, advertising, merchandising, ticket sales efforts, email and database marketing and community based content.

CBSSports.com College Network takes advantage of the partnerships within the CBS family in efforts to bring partners multiple content distribution avenues at little to no cost. CBSSports.com College Network's infrastructure and customer service team can handle large volumes of traffic, audio/video streams, and transactions. We service:

  • 40 million unique visitors per month
  • Over 250 million page views per month
  • 19,000 live GameTracker events
  • 12,000 live audio/video events

Additionally, the CBSSports.com College Network universe extends beyond the online world and provides its partners with the additional value through an integrated platform with CBSSports.com, MaxPreps.com, television and unique events for cross promotion and revenue generation. We allow our partners to increase brand recognition, unique visitors, and in turn, revenue by cross promoting content on our affiliate networks.

CBSSports.com College Network by the numbers

  • Acquired by CBS Corporation in January, 2006
  • Re-branded to CBSSports.com College Network in October, 2009
  • Approximately 150 total website partners
  • Partnerships with more than 70% of FBS Athletic Departments
  • Headquartered in New York, with offices in San Francisco, Chicago and San Diego
  • CBSSPORTS.COM COLLEGE NETWORK is part of the CBS Interactive division
  • Division consists of CBSSports.com, MaxPreps.com and the network of official athletic sites
  • Operate 140+ online merchandise stores
  • Provide audio/video streaming for 120+ Athletic Departments
  • Have definitive content distribution partnerships with over 50 industry leading companies


2035 Corte del Nogal
Suite 250
Carlsbad, CA

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235 Second Street
San Francisco, CA

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28 East 28th St.
New York, NY

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180 N. Stetson
Chicago, IL

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