Top Partner Sites Lead Market in Key Performance Indicators

Feb. 4, 2011

CARLSBAD, Calif. -- College Network partners exhibited greater performance in key statistical areas for the month of January. You will find that our Network members enjoy greater site performance (average download time in seconds) and availability (percentage of connection attempts that succeed) than those schools partnered with other service providers.

Measurement Performance
(avg. download time in sec.)
(% of successful connections attempts)

(User / Index) (User / Index) 1.79 / 2.11 99.88% / 99.76% 1.87 / 2.11 99.89% / 99.76% 2.30 / 2.11 99.85% / 99.76% 5.23 / 2.11 99.94% / 99.76% 5.55 / 2.11 99.95% / 99.76%

(Data provided by Keynote Systems, Inc.)
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