Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I set up a GameTracker link?

A: Once you are in the correct schedule in Netitor, click on "Modify Media." Scroll down and find the event you want and select the box next to it. Back up at the top of the schedule box, there is a "Modify Media Actions" drop-down menu. Select "Add Checked GT." Then click "Go."

Once the link is added, simply re-publish your schedule.

Q: GameTracker is not working; what should I do?

Please call our Editorial line at (760-481-3620) or email your Editorial group. We can step you through the issue and get it solved. Here are the most common things to look for:

1. Check your Internet connection. This sounds elementary, but it is a common reason why we might not receive a file. Simply try an outside website (,, etc.) and make sure everything's working properly.

Live Setup
Click for larger view of Live Setup screen

2. Check your live FTP settings to make sure everything is in order.

  • Activate: Check
  • Auto-send FTP: Check (also check the XML option)
  • FTP Site:
  • User ID: fanslive
  • Password: Please check with your Managing Editor
  • Target directory: schoolcode/sportcode (ex: usc/m-basebl; fsu/w-softbl)
  • Enable XML stats feed: Check
  • XML gameid: schoolcode (ex: usc)
  • Show stats on screen: Check

3. The problem may be stemming from an issue with your TASFTP program. You can easily take these steps to resolve it:

  1. Click on TASFTP in the task bar if it is open. If not, go to the Start menu, select Programs and then select TasFtp. This will open the TASFTP program.
  2. Click the FTP Setup button in the lower right-hand corner.
  3. Check the Passive Mode box and then click OK.
  4. Click the Start Monitoring button. After it sends the XML and .zzz files, click the Exit button.

4. If you attempted everything listed above, and the GameTracker files are still not sending (or we are not receiving them), please call us on our Editorial line (760-481-3620). There may be an issue with your software or a firewall on your computer.

Q: We are hosting a tournament and want to run GameTracker for some games not involving our school. Can I set these GameTracker links up myself?

A: No. In order to get GameTracker set up for games not involving your school, you will need to email us. Please also let us know the home/away designations for each game.

Q: I had a GameTracker link set up, but now we will not be able to run GameTracker. Can I delete the link myself?

A: No. One of the benefits of being in our network is you receive GameTracker coverage of some games in which other schools will be running GameTracker. Therefore, if you will no longer be running GameTracker, you need to email us. Then, we can remove the link not only from your schedule, but also from any other schedule that might have it (i.e. your opponent, your conference, your opponent's conference).

Q: For one of our road games, our opponent has a GameTracker link, but our schedule does not. Why is this?

A: This indicates the event was not built correctly on either your schedule or your opponent's schedule. It is important to remember to pull in all events from the Related Events box when you are building your schedule. Please email us about this issue and we will get the link added to your schedule.

Q: We are playing a road game against a school that does not run GameTracker, but there is a GameTracker link on our schedule. Why is this?

A: For select football and men's basketball games, we partner with STATS, Inc., to obtain an unofficial stream of statistics to power GameTracker. Our main goal with this is to be able to provide GameTracker for some events that would not otherwise have it.

Q: How do I alert GameTracker watchers of a rain delay?


A: We have added the ability to present alerts for rain delays or any other use for it you may find. In order to provide an alert, simply enter "Alert:" into an unused line of the "Game Notes" field, followed by the alert text. There must be a space between the colon and the first letter of the alert text.

For example:
Alert: The game is currently in a rain delay. A determination as to whether the game will be resumed, postponed or cancelled is expected to be made at 3:15 p.m. ET.

After the alert text is entered and you will not be entering a new play anytime soon, you must save the game and manually send a new file (Game Reports -> Live -> Send stats files). If you will be entering a new play soon, the alert will go through with that play. The alert will be presented to each user until the alert is removed from the "Game Notes" field and a new file sent, or the user closes the alert window. Make sure you go in and delete it when the game resumes or people will continue to see it when they launch GameTracker.

Q: How can we get a specialized background for our GameTracker?

A: Send over the photo or design that you want to implement, and we will get it all set up for you.

Example of Basketball GameTracker
Click for a full–scale, interactive version

Some schools choose to use a facility photo as the background, like Georgetown does here with its men's basketball setup (see: right).

Other schools create unique designs and use it as more of a wallpaper or graphic. It's all up to you.

If you choose to use a simple photo, you can just send it in as is and we'll take care of it for you. If you decide to create a unique design, please make sure it is 911x566 and 75k or less.

The background will be the same on every single Baseball GameTracker link, so there can't be multiple backgrounds for different games. We can, however, set up different backgrounds for each individual sport.

Q: If I want to run a test for GameTracker, should I use the GameTracker ID number for the upcoming game?

A: No. If you want to run a test, please use the GameTracker gameid code "9999999" (seven nines). Then call the main Editorial line to confirm your file has been received. If you use the actual GameTracker gameid code for your upcoming game, it will send the initial GT file, essentially activating the GT interface for that game.

Q: My game has been suspended and will resume tomorrow. Do I need a new GameTracker link?

A: Yes. If the game will be resumed on a different day, you will need to email us to get a new GameTracker link set up. This is due to how events show up in the schedule/calendar system, how they are monitored on the back end and the time limit that GameTracker files can be associated with the original link.

Q: What should I do if the school logos are reversed in GameTracker?

A: The reversal of school logos is a result of the home/away designations being incorrect in Netitor. If it happens during a softball or baseball game, you can call our general Editorial line or email us to have the logos switched. The event has to be rebuilt across all affected OAS schedules, which may include re-adding audio/video links. It is always good to double check the home/away designations when you are playing at a neutral site or the designated home team is different than usual (i.e. you are the designated visiting team on your home field).

Q: I forgot the password needed in the Live Stats setup menu. Where do I find that password?

A: Please contact your Managing Editor or call the main Editorial line (760-481-3620).

Q: We noticed the GameTracker link was pulled - how do we get it re-activated?

A: You can simply call the main Editorial line (760-481-3620) or email your Editorial group and we can re-activate the GameTracker link immediately.

Q: Why is it sending the file from a different game than the one I selected?

A: Typically, this happens only because no concrete information for the correct game has yet been entered, so the system automatically calls in information from the most recent event. If you have just sent a blank file with the new ID number, this will likely occur. Once you enter and submit the lineups for the event, the file should update with the information for the proper event.

If for some reason it is still calling in information from a different game, double-check the GameTracker ID number. If you need to check the number or if you are still encountering this problem, call us on our Editorial line (760-481-3620) and we will take care of the issue for you.

Q: Are GameTracker IDs six digits or seven?

A: Moving forward, they will be seven digits. The GameTracker IDs used to be six digits, but have now extended to seven. However, there are still some events for the 2011-12 year that were created before the IDs pushed to seven digits, so those will still just be six. Customarily, those numbers will be on the high end, probably beginning with "999."

Important note: This means that the game ID you use for any test files you might send should be: "9999999" - or seven consecutive nines. Should you ever notice an issue with GameTracker, make sure to double-check your game ID and check to see if there are seven numbers rather than the customary six.

Trouble with XP/Vista?

Q: I can't get the STATCREW software to work on my Windows XP laptop when I take it away from the office. When I click on the season reports icon for football, nothing happens. I can go into the game scoring function, but not the reports or roster/utilities functions.

A: The mostly likely cause of this problem is the fact that you have a network printer identified as your default printer and your laptop is not connected to the network. When working away from your office and the network, simply change the default printer to something other than the network printer.

Q: Will the software run on Vista?

A: The information we have about Vista and our software is that the software installs and runs properly on most versions of Vista (except for the 64-bit editions). We have discovered a few minor issues, but none that prevent the installation or operation of the software. We have found that Windows Vista does not support the full-size DOS screen (Alt Enter), so that the DOS program has to run in a window. We recommend running DOS in a window anyway, in order to access the Windows Reports functions quickly while scoring the game, so we do not see this as an obstacle for our customers. We will continue to monitor this issue, and if we learn anything new about Vista and our software, we will post that information here.

Q: When running TASFTP on the same computer as our scoring software, the keyboard temporarily "freezes" when TASFTP comes up, causing us to lose keystrokes during the game. Is there a way around this?

A: There is an "animate" function in Windows that you can disable to prevent this "freeze" of the keyboard. Select My Computer | Properties | Advanced | Performance (Visual Settings). Disable the option for "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing".