Football GameTracker Features

Below is a look at the most notable features of the football GameTracker interface, including implementation instructions where applicable.


Football Gametracker - Alert Introduction
From time to time, games can experience a weather delay. GameTracker allows you to provide an alert to the users.

To generate an "Alert," take the following steps:

1. TASFB -> Game setup -> Game notes
2. Enter ALERT: *message*
3. After entering the desired text, click Enter until the "Game notes" field closes.
4. Open Game Reports, go to "Live" and select Send stats files.



Football Gametracker - Background Introduction
The GameTracker background is customizable. It can be a media guide cover, a facility shot or an action picture, whatever would positively brand the interface. This is customizable on a game-by-game basis.

To place a background image, please take the following steps:
1. Create the image using the following specs: 911px x 566px and 75k or less.
2. Send us the image via e-mail.


 Commentary (Color Cast)

Football Gametracker - Commentary Introduction
This feature gives you the opportunity to provide the user textual information to complement the statistics/play-by-play. For example, Chris Brown of Oklahoma rushes for a touchdown. The play-by-play text would look like this:

Brown, Chris rush for 10 yards to the UTC0, 1ST DOWN OU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:42

It describes the action and who was involved. However, there may be much more to it than that. Brown's rushing TD was the 17th of his career and the commentary feature allows you to communicate this info to the user and greatly enhance the coverage. This component was born out of the idea to allow you to post the notes compiled throughout a game, but you are not limited to just notes.

When a new comment is added, the GameTracker interface "notifies" the fans of the new entry with an animated speech balloon. If you do not enter commentary, then this feature will not appear in the GameTracker interface.

To generate the "Commentary" feature, take the following steps:

1. Go to Netitor -> Modify Schedule -> Football
2. Click the GT icon next to the desired event and then select Color Cast.
3. Enter the desired information. The "Time" and "Title" fields are optional.
4. Click Add Comment.
5. Repeat steps for each entry.

Each entry will instantly appear in the "Commentary" section of the GameTracker interface, as well as the "Transcript" section of the "Color Cast" window, so you can track your posts and edit if necessary. You can edit or delete your entries by clicking on the respective links.


 Individual Stat Leaders/Team Stat Comparison

Football Gametracker - Individual Statistical Leaders Introduction
You can now upload, via Netitor, your season.xml stat file (as exported from the Stat Crew software) and that of your opponent (if available or necessary). We will take that information and automatically generate and display "Individual Stat Leaders" and a "Team Stat Comparison." If you do not upload a file for either team, then neither of these "Pregame" features will appear in the interface. If you upload only your season.xml file, then we will display your "Individual Stat Leaders" and the "Team Stat Comparison" feature will not appear in the interface.

To generate one or both of these features, take the following steps:

Football Gametracker - Team Statistical Comparison Export Your Season.xml File
1. Go to Stat Crew -> Season Reports
2. Click the Teams List button and select your team
3. Select Cumes -> XML output
2. Select Copy -> Copy to file and save the file in a desired location.

Obtain Your Opponent's Season.xml File (Optional)
If you are playing against a non-CBS College partner, or a CBS College partner which does not make use of this feature, you will need to request that they either send you this file or, if a CBS College partner, upload the file. If you are playing against a CBS College partner which does make use of this feature, then you do not need to do anything. Their stats will automatically appear as long as your event is "related" to their event.

Upload File(s)
1. Go to Netitor -> Modify Schedule -> Football
2. Click the GT icon next to the desired event and then select Upload Stat XML.
3. Browse for one or both files using the "Season" browse button.
4. Click Upload Files.

After uploading, the stats will instantly appear in the GameTracker interface. Because of this, you will know whether or not your opponent has uploaded their season.xml file. In addition to generating the "Individual Stat Leaders" feature and, if possible, the "Team Stats Comparison" feature, we also make use of the data in the Gametracker bios and other areas.



Football Gametracker - Postgame Introduction
We display the top offensive and defensive performer from each team (from an automated stats analysis), along with the final score, the recap and other postgame content (box score, notes, quotes and one or more photo galleries). The "Postgame" section is presented automatically to the user when the game ends and when opening GameTracker after the game is over.

There are no extra steps needed. Just proceed as normal when posting postgame content (by associating the content to the appropriate event).



Football Gametracker - Preview Introduction
You can now present, in its entirety if you choose, your weekly release/game notes in the GameTracker interface. A sub-section of the "Pregame" section, the "Preview" is presented automatically to your fans when opening GameTracker prior to the start of the game. It is available for the duration of the game. Additionally, we automatically present other coverage available for the game (TV, radio and/or online audio/video), any promotions entered for the game (Netitor -> Modify Schedule) and any notes and officials entered into the scoring software.

You are provided two options for presenting your weekly release/game notes in the GameTracker interface:

Option 1: When Posting the Content
1. Go to Netitor -> Publish -> Build New Page
2. Proceed as normal, but take one extra step of populating the "GameTracker Synopsis" field if you would like to craft a different synopsis for GameTracker than what would appear on your site in headline form. To access this field, click the "GameTracker Synopsis" tab to the right of the default "Headline Synopsis" field. If you do not place content into the "GameTracker Synopsis" field, then the content of the "Headline Synopsis" will be used.
3. Click Submit.
4. Select Weekly Release from the "Type" drop-down menu.
5. Select the event(s) you wish to associate the content to. Use the CTRL or Apple key to select multiple events.
6. Click Submit Information and proceed as normal through "Make Live."

The headline and synopsis text, as well as the mini version of the photo (150x250 only) used in the weekly release/game notes, will appear instantly in the "Preview" section.

Option 2: After Posting the Content
1. Go to Netitor -> Modify Schedule -> Football
2. Click the GT logo next to the desired event and then select Event Preview.
3. Fill in the "Headline," "Synopsis" and "Photo" fields.
4. Click Submit.

The content will appear instantly in the "Preview" section.


 "Watching" Gametracker

Football Gametracker - Watching Introduction
When a new play is entered, GameTracker will show the play animation first, and then provide the play text. For example...a 45-yard rushing touchdown...GameTracker will show the snap, the handoff from the quarterback, and then the running back moving down the field (for a gain of 45 yards and a score). When the play starts, the user won't know the outcome of the play because we hold the play text (and score update, if applicable) until the play is complete. This builds a sense of anticipation for the play...not knowing the result. When watching that running back move down the field, the user doesn't know if the play will end in five yards or in the endzone! It creates a much more exciting and interactive experience.